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Key Decisions

Kit Design

Design the kit

You can choose the kit the Team Cheetahs star athletes will wear for the entire Championship Series – and even get your name on it.

Choose one of these 3 designs, and put your stamp on Team Cheetahs by getting your name on the kit if you subscribe by June 9th.

Team Selection

Team Selection

It’s crunch time to select the best possible team to go out and win the Championship Series.

Annie will then make sure the highest voted athletes are selected at the draft.

Pontoon Draw

Pontoon Draw

Ahead of each race, you’ll get the chance to vote on where you’d like to position Team Cheetahs on the pontoon.

Giving them the best possible start to each stage and ultimately the race.

Short Chute

Short Chute

Decide who gets the Short Chute. This decision can change the outcome of the race.

Help team Cheetahs jump ahead of the other teams by selecting the athlete who gets to take the short chute.

Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive interviews

You get to choose which athlete from Team Cheetahs you’d like to speak with at the end of every Championship Series race – or even grill manager Annie Emmerson.

This is your unique chance to find out what really happened!

Wildcard Decisions

And much more...

Get free or discounted tickets and merchandise, travel & stay with the athletes, get exclusive access behind the scenes, adopt a real Cheetah.

Get FREE or discounted tickets* and watch the action live as it happens, experience our iconic venues and enjoy our tight, action-packed, stadium-like courses.

Are you wondering what it is truly like behind the scenes? We are pulling back the curtain and inviting you to join us from take off to landing. You’ll get a chance to train with some of the Cheetah’s athletes, chat over meal times, and get a real insight into the world of professional triathlon.**

Get exclusive access behind the scenes with virtual meet and greets and face to face experiences, such as training, meals, and racing.

Adopt a real Cheetah. In collaboration with CCF, we have a team mascot—Rocket! Receive regular updates from CCF and learn more about Rocket’s story.

*depending on subscription level
**with Diamond and Platinum packages

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Cheetahs Team 2022

Annie Emmerson

Annie Emmerson
World Duathlon Champion
Team Manager

Annie represented Great Britain in running, duathlon and triathlon over a stellar career which saw her win multiple titles. She retired as the reigning World Number 1 in duathlon and has gone on to have a successful broadcasting career becoming one of the most recognisable faces in triathlon commentary.

All about Cheetahs

Cheetah Conservation Foundation

Ccf LogoSuper League Triathlon are very proud to be partnering with the Cheetah Conservation Foundation. To celebrate our new partnership, we have adopted our own SLT cheetah Rocket! Keep up to date with updates from Rocket & news from Namibia by joining our Fan Team!

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